Andie Downs

Oceanside, California




Who Are You?

An endless thinker, a creative, a hopeful, a restless dreamer, an activist, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am the Director of Operations for PALABRA.



When would you like to be born?

Honestly, I used to say that I would want to be born sometime in the future in hopes that the majority of the social issues we face today would have dissipated by then but I’m not so sure about that anymore.



Inspired you to the Industry?

Although I’m not a hairstylist, the world of beauty and fashion is one that I have always loved and been involved in. Fashion encapsulates clothing, makeup and hair, and the end product of an editorial shoot or a model walking down a runway, when done just right, has brought tears to my eyes and inspired me in my deepest of ruts.



I find inspiration in everything and it varies from day to day. Sometimes it’s a film or short video that absolutely captivates me and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Other times it’s the way that I see someone look at someone else. I love seeing how people dress and present themselves, fashion in general is probably my largest inspirations. Architecture is something that I find myself immersed with recently. Lines and angles are everything.




Favorite Movie?

Immediately I want to say Spirited Away because visually it’s absolutely captivating and never gets old no matter how many times I watch it. However, Quintin Tarentino is my favorite director because the presentation of every one of his films, from the actors, the styling, the dialogue, the editing, creates a very well told story.



What’s Next?

Currently trying to figure that out…