Thank you for your interest in renting PALABRA for your event. We are a spacious and bright space that offers ample space for medium sized events and shoots.

Since we house a salon and a coffee bar, packages can be made that could include additional services depending on your event.

Please give AT LEAST a fourteen (14) day notice, depending on the nature of your event. Shoots can be scheduled two (2) weeks out. Parties and other events of that nature will require more time to plan.

PALABRA reserves the right to deny rental of the space for events that do not run in compliance with PALABRA’s values and mission.


Rental of the “Infinity Room,” a white and seamless corridor tucked in the back of the space that is perfect for portrait or modeling purposes, begins at $60 per hour*.

Rental of the space for basic events such as photoshoots, video shoots, listening parties, begins at $100 per hour*.

*All rental inquiries require a consultation where    
  the price may fluctuate depending on the nature of
  the event.

Please send us an email at addressing:

Who are you?

What event are you looking to host?

How long will the event last?

How many people will be in attendance?