Rosa Rivas

El Paso, Texas




Rosa Rivas

Who Are You?


When would you like to be born?

I’m not too particular. I guess any era in the 20th century. I grew up watching reruns of the show “Dream of Jennie” and the 70’s inspired comedy “That 70’s Show.” Mainly Paris, France fashion and musical inspirations like Michael Jackson, The Doors, and Black Sabbath really drew me to want to have lived in those times. Also experiencing a time with no social media influence sounds appealing.



Inspired you to the Industry?

I think what finally re-insured me that I wanted to be a part of this so-called hair dressing industry is, the endless possibilities of using this craft as a platform to continue my passion for hairstyling. And it just happens to be exactly what PALABRA represents. Reinvention and deliberate co creating all while building relationships with people who share the same interests and believe in your talent.



My inspiration is constantly in flux. Whether it’s films, music, or moments of desperation. It’s mostly a feeling I guess.




Favorite Movie?

Pan’s Labyrinth



What’s Next?

Too soon to tell.